Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama to take greater role, address Congress

President Barack Obama will address Congress on the subject of health reform on Sept. 9.

Obama's strategy was to let Congress come up with a plan on their own, not wishing to repeat the mistakes of the Clinton administration, which attempted to push a plan through Congress. However, many heath reform supporters are unclear as to exactly what Obama wants and they want him to take more of the lead on crafting a bill.

Congress resumes session next week and is expected to immediately take up the health reform debate.


Blake said...

I think Obama is playing it very smart by leaving it up to congress. He has been doing very well considering his lack of experience.

prof.Moses Isaac ODHIAMBO/linkedcom said...

OBAMA PRESIDENCY pledges in a moment rich with practical promise being realized stepwisely to use American strength of Protocol DIPLOMACY as a source of good HEALTH-CARE governance policy. As President Theodore Roosevelt once said and held the ideal that Government should be the greater arbiter of the conflicting economic forces in the American nation,especially before capital,medicare and labour, guaranteeing justice to each and dispensing favours to use.
The HEALTH-CARE for all MUST be voted in the CONGRESS to take care of Colorectal cancer which is the third most common cancer in the U.S. The American Cancer Society estimates approximately 146,970 new cases will be diagnosed in 2009, along with 49,920 deaths About 75% of cases develop after age 45. In most cases, the cancer arises from a polyp, an abnormal mass of tissue that develops on the inside wall of the colon or rectum.
President OBAMA s Great Society Program on HEALTH-CARE in this fall in CONGRESS should augment or amend rapidly to enact recommendations so that the millions of elderly people find succour through his governance policy as was in the 1965 JOHNSON MEDICARE era amendments to the social security ACT. Prevention of COLON CANCER should be medicare relief for the US people or the country in terms of micro-and macro-economic policy.
OBAMA is steering the USA more actively into WORLD of LISTENING and DIALOGUING witful WISDOM of good governance politics of succinct macro-economic policy of our time.
Roosevelt used to like to quote favourable proverb „Speak softly and carry on big stick .........
.„ – May be a rod in Moses' hands will part the mighty red sea. BUT as for OBAMA HE SPEAKS WORDS OF WISDOM SO ARTICULATELY, SO ELOQUENTLY that even if you were born dumb and delf the wind of instinct of
CHANGE just delivers it to your brain cells to understand.
As for President OBAMA this is the time to be aware of strategic HEALTH-CARE need for preventing COLON CANCER from taking root in the first place as many people could be faced with a whole host of problems 1)roundless turns of tests and medical procedures 2) surgery (even possible removal of your colon, requiring a permanent colostomy bag to collect fecal waste) 3).Chemotherapy or radiation therapy, with side effects like fatigue, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, pain, mouth sores, and infection 4).An inability to work or enjoy your favorite activities
The HEATH-CARE REFORM BILL should be aspired to make government competent, compassionate and responsive to the American people. Just like when Roosevelt ensured the crucial bill to congress for the construction of Panama canal many of the CONSERVATIVES thought it was Waste of government FUNDING never thought institutively that it was a strategic need for shortcut between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
Let us give HEATH-CARE our VOTE in the CONGRESS.Let us restore the peoples treasured WEALTH WITHIN than throw it to the yankees in the hot deserts abroad.

tamas said...

What do you think about Obama's lack of leadership in either domestic or global economic issues? It seems that the health care struggles underline his inability to push through any policy. This is reminiscent of the tactics that he used to approach the global crisis. Everything is in his favour and he wastes his brill opportunities.

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