Sunday, August 30, 2009

Democrats invoke Kennedy in health care push

The late Sen. Ted Kennedy was as strong a supporter of universal health care as there was in Congress. In a letter to Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, Kennedy implicitly made known his dying wish was to pass health reform. He asked the governor to appoint someone temporarily in his place to take part in the voting for Obama's health bill.

Democratic groups, politicians and activists have been using rallies, email, social networking sites and everything else available to get this message across -- to honor Kennedy by passing health reform.

Kennedy's niece, Maria Shriver says her uncle's death may provide the impetus needed to push health reform through Congress. Expect Kennedy's name to be invoked quite often when Congress resumes session in September.

Senator Edward Kennedy

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Blake said...

I used your post in my blog at "I voted Obama in 2008" I gave you credit as the source with a link back to your blog. I have not always been a barack supporter, but I made a last minute decision before I went to vote. And I have now decided to support him in my blog. I would like to join your blogroll if you don't mind.

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