Friday, April 17, 2009

Anger over CIA torture memos

Many groups and former victims have expressed dismay at the Obama administration's decision not to prosecute CIA operatives who used interrogation methods on detainees, including American citizens, that are in clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

However, Washington officials who authorized such methods will not be protected from prosecution although it would likely be Congress and not the White House that carry out such actions.

Secret CIA memos released Thursday told of interrogation techniques that included waterboarding, splashing detainees with water and exposing them to the cold, placing insects in their small, dark cells, allowing interrogators to punch and slap detainees, and threatening detainee families.

Disappointment with US not prosecuting CIA

The Associated Press - ‎19 minutes ago‎
CAIRO (AP) - Human rights groups and former detainees in US custody expressed disappointment Friday with the decision by President Barack Obama not to prosecute CIA operatives who used interrogation practices described by many as torture.
Video: USA: Release of CIA interrogation memos France 24

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