Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama firing up grassroots over budget

President Barack Obama is mobilizing his grassroots supporters to rally behind his new budget proposal as it is debated in Congress.

Obama's election organization has changed its name from Obama for America to Organizing for America and is counting on its large base of supporters to help the president advance his agenda.

An email has been sent out to the huge Obama database of volunteers and supporters uging them to participate in a neighborhood canvas.

“There will be some trial and error,” said David Plouffe, former Obama campaign manager who is now helping direct the Organizing for America project.

“It is not a political campaign, where the ultimate goal is one ‘yes’ vote on Election Day,” he added, “but simply the conversation — making sure these important debates do not happen solely on cable TV among Washington politicians, but are occurring on doorsteps and diners.”

The president's budget is widely opposed by Republicans and even some members of his own party have expressed reservations over the price tag. The flareup over A.I.G. bonuses makes the situation very tricky for the Obama team. They need to convince the public that the White House has their interests in mind, more so than those of the corporate elite.

On the White House Can Obama’s Grass-Roots Supporters Fire Up the ...

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