Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is Obama hogging the airwaves?

The president appeared again tonight on primetime and there are a few articles out there suggesting that Obama may be saturating the broadcast media.

Just recently the commander-in-chief has appeared on ESPN, The Tonight Show aside from appearing on the prime time slot tonight. Not only the broadcast media is involved though as either Obama or his wife or kids are turning up on magazine covers and all over the internet.

Another president who used the media extensively was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who held "fireside chats" over the radio during the Great Depression and World War II. During times of distress, the people tend to look to the leadership and that means the president in the United States.

The difference between now and then is Americans are now a lot less patient. FDR delivered 31 fireside chats between 1933 and 1944, which was considered a lot at the time.

Obama has already appeared on primetime twice in just over two months in office. In a world of instant media that includes text messages and email updates, people may not be able to wait for months during such distressing times without hearing directly from the big kahuna.

Of course, some complain that the nature of some of Obama's appearances is not presidential enough. The appearance with Jay Leno for example. They used to say the same thing about Bill Clinton playing the saxophone. It's a different generation though and Obama has shown he has the touch of reaching the younger people.

On the White House Obama Selling His Economic Plan on the Airwaves ...

New York Times - ‎12 hours ago‎
By PETER BAKER Had enough yet? Tune into CNN and you may find President Obama’s latest public town hall meeting. Flip to NBC and you might come across the president yukking it up with Jay Leno.

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