Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Senate approves stimulus bill

The Senate today approved a $838 billion economic stimulus bill with three Republicans aboard for a 61-37 vote. Now the House and Senate negotiators will try to work out a compromise package.

ABC News
Senate Approves Stimulus Plan
New York Times - 4 hours ago
Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of three Republican senators who voted for the economic stimulus bill, after its passage in the senate on Tuesday in Washington.
Video: Raw Video: Senate Approves Stimulus Bill AssociatedPress

google news commentComment by Allan J. Lichtman Professor of History, American University


1461Days said...

The Senate Approved the Stimulus and the Treasury announced a $1.5 Trillion approach to the banking and finnacial industry problems. Join us at 1461 Days and share your thoughts and views on todays events.

ObamaMania YesWeCan said...

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1,461 Days said...

now House and Senate reps have to work out the compromise quickly as President Obama still expects this bill on his desk by Monday. I am more concerned by the Treasury moves announced yesterday.

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