Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama to make first foreign trip to Canada

President Barack Obama will make his first foreign trip to Canada as his foreign policy team fans out in all directions.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Japan as her first foreign stop having a formal meeting with the Empress and a meeting with Japan's Foreign Minister. Clinton encouraged Japan to spend more on economic stimulus. Japan's economy contracted sharply in the latest government reports.

Traditionally new American presidents make their first foreign trip to Canada although George W. Bush choose to visit Mexico first instead. Obama will make a short visit to Ottawa on Thursday.

Clinton landed in Indonesia today and will also visit South Korea and China. Her choice of Asia as her first foreign jaunt is also telling as the traditional practice for the secretary of state is to visit Europe first.

BBC News

The Obama team hits the road in fresh directions
Seattle Times, United States - Feb 17, 2009
PRESIDENT Obama's first official foreign travel is to Canada, a longtime friend, ally and primary trading partner. The choice is not going unnoticed. ...
Video: Clinton Touts Stimulus Abroad CBS

White House to Host Japanese PM Aso Next Week FOXNews

President Obama to Host Japanese Premier Aso ABC News

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