Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama team says stimulus is bipartisan

White House spokespersons Bob Gibbs and David Axelrod said that the economic stimulus bill is inspired by thinking from both parties even if it gained only supported by three Republicans, all from the Senate.

Republicans, led by Sen. John McCain, continued to fume over the package and denied that Obama made sincere efforts to negotiate with them.

Obama is expected to sign the bill into law on Tuesday in Denver.

Speaking on the auto bailout, Axelrod said there would need to be "significant restructuring" if automakers are going to continue to receive public funds.

"And that's going to involve concessions on the part of everyone, not just the autoworkers, but shareholders, creditors and, of course, the executives who run the company," Axelrod said. "And that's what we're going to have to see."

Times Online

Obama Aides Claim Bipartisan Success
Washington Post - 10 hours ago
By Michael D. Shear CHICAGO, Feb. 15 -- Senior advisers to President Obama on Sunday defended passage of the stimulus bill in Congress as a bipartisan effort despite the fact that it received only three Republican votes in the Senate and none in the ...
Video: Republicans Still Criticizing Stimulus BillAssociatedPress

Obama targets housing after stimulus victory AFP

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