Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama likely to select Gov. Locke as commerce secretary

President Barack Obama is likely to pick former Washington Gov. Gary Locke to be his commerce secretary, CNN reported Monday.

Locke, 57, became the first Chinese-American to be elected as governor of a state in 1996, and he was re-elected in 2000.

Obama's first two choices for commerce secretary both withdrew their nominations. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson was the first choice before he resigned due to a corruption investigation. The president then selected New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, a Republican, who also eventually withdrew citing policy differences with Obama and pressure from within his party.

BBC News
Obama likely to tap Locke for commerce, sources say
CNN - 1 hour ago
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Barack Obama's pick for commerce secretary is likely to be former Washington Gov. Gary Locke, two administration sources told CNN Monday.
Officials: Obama Likely to Tap Former Washington Gov. Locke for ... FOXNews
'Likely' US Commerce chief named BBC News

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the Last Inspector said...

There are some important national security and anti-corporate corruption reasons Locke should be looked at carefully before being given this critical post:

His families’ close China heritage and his supporting the management of the corporation currently most akin to Enron while he was Governor of Washington state is problematic–most notably for our national security.

China is an extremely fickle trading partner to the U.S. who plans militarily against us behind the scenes and has spies in place in this country.

We need a Commerce secretary who is not blinded by his perhaps overly benign and personally skewed view of the true intentions and plans of the Chinese government.

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