Sunday, February 22, 2009

New focus on health care

After struggling in the early days of his campaign with an economic crisis he did not anticipate during the early part of his campaign, President Barack Obama will focus on health care this week.

A report by the Center for American Progress Action estimates that 4 million Americans have lost their health insurance since the start of the recession. A further estimated 14,000 lose their insurance every day.

Obama's health care plan seeks to control prescription drug prices, switch to electronic medical record-keeping and improve medical treatment and efficiency. The administration is currently looking for a health secretary after Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination due to tax problems.

Report: 4 million Americans lost health insurance since recession ... - 2 hours ago
An estimated 4 million Americans have lost their health insurance since the recession began, and as many as 14000 people could be losing their health coverage every day, according to a report by liberal think tank Center for American Progress' Action ...
Stimulus bails out states, puts off health care reform Atlanta Journal Constitution
Obama has big challenge in overhauling health care The Associated Press

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