Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barack Obama's first address to Congress

President Barack Obama gave his first speech before Congress tonight, which was followed by a Republican rebuttal from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Obama set a high bar for his presidency recommitting himself to his campaign promises despite the deep recession and the sky-rocketing deficit.

Pledging to forge ahead on issues like clean energy and health care, Obama also said that he was still intent on deeply slashing the deficit before the end of his first term.

The president also spoke on security issues reiterating his campaign promise to end the Iraq War while at the same time focusing on al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Bobby Jindal, who has been put forth as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, had a fairly sharp response this early in the game, criticizing the Democrats for excessive spending and encouraging dependence on government.

Some of the media polling suggests that Obama's speech was generally well received. Obama sought to inspire hope and optimism in the face of a serious economic crisis.

Obama Assures Nation: ‘We Will Rebuild’
New York Times - 42 minutes ago
By JEFF ZELENY WASHINGTON - President Obama urged the nation on Tuesday to see the economic crisis as reason to raise its ambitions, calling for expensive new efforts to address energy, health care and education programs even as he warned that more ...
Obama still has an ambitious agenda Los Angeles Times
Obama Says Country Will Rebuild, Recover in Wake of Recession FOXNews


Produk Jogja said...

President Obama

Lucky02 said...

This website has some interesting thoughts about this... check it out


Anonymous said...

Hi Obama,
In the name of re-building the Nation, Please do consider the humans who are in the Non-Immigrant Status and Green Card suffering from restrictions.

Alternate Idea would be keep the Non-Immigrant People and Green Card but restrict them sending the $$$$$ to the other countires and allow them to spend in the USA.

H1-B person and H1-B "Master's Degree Holder in USA" are being treated the same except the 20000 seperate quota.
"Pain in getting the degress gone in vein". Please think becuse of this many master's degree students are not getting chance to implement there development in USA. They all are being shifted to other countries.
People who are specialized in the field are treated in the same way who are not specialized in the particular field.Please have the new quota (let say "Z1-B")with less restictions in rules rather than "H1-B MASTERS" which treats them same as the "Non Specialized Normal H1-B" which will bring the US Economy back from Turmoil.

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