Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking in hard-hit Ohio, President-elect Barack Obama said quick action was needed to fix the economy in the near and long term.

Obama said his economic stimulus plan would create good-paying jobs -- about 90 percent in the "private sector." He said that his "first job" is "to put people back to work."

Public sector jobs are actually a very quick and efficient way to put people back to work right away. With private sector contracts there is a long bidding process a lot of the money tends to go toward executive salaries and perks like corporate jet travel. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson popularly used public works programs to employ the jobless.

CBS News
Obama: 'Dramatic action' needed now to fix economy
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio (AP) - President-elect Barack Obama made a pitch for his massive economic stimulus plan at a Midwestern factory that makes wind turbine parts, saying Friday his plan would make smart investments in the country's future and create ...
Video: Obama: 'Dramatic Action' Needed to Fix Economy AssociatedPress

Obama says his 'first job' is to 'put people back to work' USA Today

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