Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bipartisanship difficult on economic issues

Progressives and conservatives can often get together in times of crisis especially when it involves issues of national security.

On economic issues though -- things like taxes, deficits and spending -- it has always been much harder to get them to agree with each other. Indeed, often consensus is difficult on economic matters even among members of the same party.

So it may be that the Obama administration will have to ramrod the president's economic stimulus plan through the House of Representatives with mostly Democratic votes. There may still be some time to get more Republican support before the Senate votes on the package.

If only for political reasons, members of both party know that something needs to be done quickly as thousands of jobs are lost everyday. Moving forward alone though can be risky for the Democrats. If the stimulus plan is seen as failing, then the Republicans can use that failure as political ammunition come election time.

BBC News
Obama seeks Republican support for stimulus plans
Reuters - 42 minutes ago
By Thomas Ferraro and Caren Bohan WASHINGTON, Jan 27 (Reuters) - Democratic President Barack Obama struggled on Tuesday to placate Republicans in Congress who insist his $825 billion plan for reviving the troubled US economy should include bigger tax ...
Video: Obama, GOP Leaders Meet on Stimulus AssociatedPress

Obama Visits Capitol to Press Republicans on Stimulus Plan New York Times

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