Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama elected 44th President of United States

Sen. Barack Obama has been projected to win the United States presidential election by a significant margin.

Major television networks called the race at 8 pm PST after polls in California and other western states had closed.

At 8:56 pm PST, Obama had garnered 338 electoral votes to 156 for Sen. John McCain.

The event marks the first election of an African American as US president.

Supporters of Barack Obama react in Grant Park on election night ...
Tue Nov 4, 11:22 PM ET

Supporters of Barack Obama react in Grant Park on election night in Chicago, Illinois. Americans elected Democrat Obama as their first black president, in a transformational election which will reshape US politics and reposition the United States on the world stage.

(AFP/Timothy A. Clary)


Costa Rica Real Estate said...

Now the work begins for rising the US out of this God forbidden mess Bush created. We all hope this new President elect will bring great change.

di said...

congratulations!! from portugal

creditos said...

Un negro en la Casa Blanca

Tengo que reconocerlo: no podía imaginar a un negro como presidente de los EEUU.
Sólo en algunas películas de ciencia ficción se daba esta circunstancia, que de por sí, ya era cómica.
La realidad ha superado a la ficción.
Ahora sólo falta un negro como lehendakari.
Todo llegará...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YEs, he won! Watch his victory speech here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8etsiZAmK4

Joan said...

Yes, we can!

From spain:


Madoca/Brasil said...

Sir barack Obama, desejo-lhe muitas, muitas e muitas felicidades. Parabéns!

erika Wright said...

I think it is a wonderful day to see a man of mixed descent reach the White House. To me it shows the ultimate unity when the country can come together, put their racial differences aside, and vote for a man born of the union of a white woman and a black man when in years past both white and black people have discriminated against people of mixed descent. There is no greater symbol of unity that I can imagine. Congratulations to Obama and I pray that the country stands behind him all the way. He is a highly intelligent man with great conviction. May God Bless him and his family as they embark on this treacherous journey to save this country.

Despite Logic said...

As a senior enlisted member of the United States Navy and a life long republican I am one of your more unlikely Obama supporters, however, to put it mildly, I have crossed party lines, nay, jumped party lines with arms wide open to embrace this man who can lead our country and the world into the future. Hail to the Chief! Change has come!

Anonymous said...

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Madoca/Brasil said...

Cometi um erro de digitação: O nome de Barack entrou com letra minúscula.

Madoca/São Paulo (SP)/Brasil said...

Madoca acha que sir Obama vai retirar todos os soldados americanos que se encontram no Iraque. Madoca sabe que Obama é sionista e pacifista e que os EUA irão readquirir o status perdido com os oito anos sob o comando de Bush.
Madoca é branca e ama os negros, amarelos e vermelhos porque todos nós fazemos parte da criação de Deus.

A boy with glasses said...

I felt very strong emotions the night of the election, which I had the fortune to spend at Grant Park in Chicago. A huge crowd gathered and saw history unfold...

Madoca/São Paulo(SP)Brasil said...


My english is much basic.
Doorway affrro-brazilian:

(this doorway not is my authorship).

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