Sunday, August 3, 2008

Obama urges full voting rights for Michigan and Florida Delegates

Sen. Barack Obama is not calling for delegates from Florida and Michigan to have full voting rights at the Democratic National Convention.

"As these delegates go about the important business of the Convention, I believe Party unity calls for the delegates from Florida and Michigan to be able to participate fully alongside the delegates from the other states and territories," Obama wrote in a letter to the chairmen of the party’s credentials committee.

Delegates from the two states had been allowed only half a vote each in punishment for holding their primaries before Feb. 5 against Democratic National Committee rules. Obama urged the credentials committee to pass a resolution during their Aug. 24 meeting granting the delegates full votes.

Races in both states appear close with Obama seemingly gaining momentum in Florida while McCain has been edging closer in Michigan. The Obama campaign now has 20 field offices in Michigan with the opening of the Kalamazoo office yesterday.

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Bourbonnais said...

He is 100% right, I hope they will follow him on this.

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