Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Barack Obama raises $5 million on Bday

According to the Boston Globe, Barack Obama raised about $5 million during his birthday bash in Beantown last night.

The event was also reportedly designed to help mend fences between the Obama and the old Clinton camp.

Birthday guests included Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick, Sen. John Kerry and former presidential nominee Michael Dukakis. According to Kerry, Obama wished for three things on his birthday: Indiana, Colorado and Virginia.

Barack Obama serves birthday cake to the press corps aboard his campaign plane. Obama turned 47 years old on Monday. (AP)

The new cash is welcome news as the McCain campaign has announced that it is outspending Sen. Obama on Beijing Olympics television ads. McCain's last-minute buy involves $6 million worth of ads, while Obama reportedly purchased a $5 million campaign.

Barack discusses his New Energy for America plan in Youngstown, Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

All of Mr. Obama's energy proposals (with the exception of conservation measures) will INCREASE the cost of energy. Cap and Trade is a massive tax increase in disguise -- and any time you tax something you increase its cost. Increasing taxes on the oil companies (who already pay about 50% of their profits to the government) will further increase the cost of oil and the cost of gas at the pump. Failure to develope our MASSIVE domestic energy reserves (oil, natural gas, and coal) will increase the cost of fossil fuels and increase our dependence on foreign sources for energy. The purchase price of alternative energy vehicles (including hybrids) is so much higher than their standard gasoline alternatives that they never result in net savings over the life of the vehicle.

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