Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Barack and Family heading for 'Da Kine' Vacation

Barack Obama, his wife and two daughters are heading for a week-long vacation in Hawai'i, the first real time off since starting the campaign in Feb. 2007.

The family leaves on Friday and that leaves open the question as to whether the Ilinois senator will, according to conventional wisdom, announce his VP pick before the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Some suspected that such an event would happen today as Obama campaigned in Indiana with Sen. Evan Bayh, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Obama for America has displayed quite dramatically that there are no ship-sinking loose lips aboard. Nobody seems to have a clue as to who or when regarding the VP pick. There have been rumors of course, but these seem to change randomly.

Hillary Clinton will be campaigning for Barack on Friday in Henderson, Nevada, but again that's when the family should be leaving for Hawai'i.

That leaves tomorrow, Thursday, as the last chance for an announcement before opening ceremonies on Friday.

The only thing I can see in the news wires is that Hillary will be having a web chat early on Thursday at 9 am PDT. Now, that's awful early for New York or Washington DC, so I have to wonder if she will be on the West Coast at the time of the web chat.

Of course, the West Coast would also be a good spot for a Hawai'i departure flight!

But then again, who knows? I can't figure out where Obama will be on Thursday.

Barack Obama in Elkhart, Indiana.

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