Monday, July 7, 2008

Video: Barack and Michelle

Here's Barack Obama's speech today on economic policy, diverted from North Carolina to St. Louis, Missouri, where his plane had to land for maintenance.

Michelle Obama was interviewed today on ABC's Good Morning America. Here's the YouTube clip.

Also, here's the article from the ABC News website:

Michelle Obama's Passions

Wife, Mother, Intellectual, American Woman

As this November's presidential election draws closer, many people want to know more about Michelle Obama. Who is this mother of two, who rose from the rough South Side of Chicago to become a force in her own right during this crucial run for the White House? And what drives her? One way to figure this out is to ask the people who have known her the longest, her family and friends.

They seem to be held in awe.

Close friend and businesswoman Valerie Jarrett says, "I don't think I've ever met anybody quite like Michelle."

"She's very genuine," says friend and fellow parent Yvonne Dalia, while her college roommate describes her as "your best girlfriend."

And her brother says simply, "She's good at what she's good at."

This is the puzzle that is Michelle Obama, the Target-shopping, blunt-talking, Jimmy Choo-wearing, fist-bumping potential first lady, as seen through the eyes of those closest to her.


Her defining passions, her friends say, started early. As a little girl on Chicago's South Side, she had, some would say, an obsession with achievement.

Her mother, Marian Robinson, said her children could do anything, and their father inspired them. As a city worker who was debilitated by multiple sclerosis, Fraser Robinson commanded respect.

"When you see a guy who gets up every day and goes to work and it's hard for him," said Obama's only brother, Craig Robinson, "it makes it hard for a teenager to lay around all day."

The Robinsons expected their children to fill their lives with well-rounded extra-curriculars and meaningful family discussions.

"You didn't want him to be disappointed with you or upset with you," continued Robinson, "because we held him in such high-esteem."

Robinson and his sister are close. They talk several times a week, and he said his dad had a soft spot for "Meesh," as he used to call her.

"My sister had to be in her 30s when my dad died," said Robinson. He ruminated on Michelle's closeness to her father: "My mom and I used to crack up. She used to sit in his lap up until the week before he died."

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