Friday, July 25, 2008

Obama Bounce?

Fox News released a poll yesterday suggesting that Barack Obama got no bounce from his overseas road trip.

It seems a little early to me to be taking such a survey in the first place. Usually takes a few days to several days for events like this to register in poll results.

However, I think the big thing about the global tour is how it registers with the Democratic base. This is something not lost to Republicans who over the last few decades have always played to their base -- known to many Democrats as "right-wing nut-jobs."

On the Democratic side though, it has been the practice for many years now for candidates to distance themselves from the base, known to Republican stalwarts as "bleeding heart liberals." However, lately the latter, who are also known as "Yellow Dog Democrats" have been getting more love especially since Howard Dean ran for office. The opposite of a Yellow Dog is a Blue Dog. Among Blue Dogs, Bill Clinton is known as "Big Dog."

Barack Obama is in many ways a Howard Dean kind of guy. He's following Dean's 50 state strategy, for example. And Obama knows how to fire up some libs when he's in that mood.

Of course, there was much distress recently among the Yellow Dogs when Obama seemingly began to 'drift' toward the center after clinching the Democratic nomination. But this world trip, is just what the doctor ordered for the progressive bunch. Liberals like a president who is popular overseas with our allies. Conservatives tend to think of Europe as "socialist."

While conservative may have looked at the huge crowd of 200,000 Germans who came to see Obama in Berlin with a suspicious eye, the bleeding hearts of lefties were more likely filled with joy.

And Obama will need the base of the party for his 50 state strategy to work. It is from this base that he will pull the volunteers needed to register voters and then assure they go to vote in November.

I'm betting that this trip has pacified many of Barack's supporters on the left who were fearing that Barack was going Blue Dog on them.

Obama on the road.

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