Monday, July 21, 2008

Iraqi Leaders back Obama Plan w/o timetables

Sen. Barack Obama got a lift again today when Iraqi leaders apparently endorsed his plan for a U.S. troop withdrawal, but stopping short of supporting actual timetables.

Obama has promised to withdraw troops in about 16 months from taking office on a schedule of about two brigades a month.

The Iraqi response to Obama's overtures have angered both John McCain and the White House. "When you win wars, troops come home," said McCain, while visiting with former President George H. Bush.

The obvious retort to McCain is what he means by "win." Is the "surge" bringing us closer to 'winning?'

Obama's position has been that the Iraq War is draining resources needed to fight al-Qaeda in its home base of Afghanistan. Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, al-Qaeda had no appreciabel presence in Iraq. Since the war, the organization has been able to open a second major front of operations.

Official stops during Obama's international tour. Democratic ...
AFP Graphic
Mon Jul 21, 3:27 PM ET

AFP graphic showing official and stops during Obama's international tour. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is in Iraq for talks with local leaders and US commanders, after pledging to pull out US troops in 16 months if he takes over the White House next year. Some of Obama's flights are sponsored by the Obama for American campaign. (AFP Graphic via Yahoo News)

U.S. Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus (C) shares a laugh ...
Mon Jul 21, 2:23 PM ET

U.S. Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus (C) shares a laugh with visiting U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (L) and U.S. senator Chuck Hagel during an aerial tour of Baghdad upon their arrival in Iraq July 21, 2008. REUTERS/SSG Lorie Jewell/US Army/Handout via Yahoo News.


Truth First said...

TF: During the past eight years we've seen the United States conduct a rather hostile foreign policy towards much of the world. America has attacked two Middle Eastern nations, resulting in many deaths, torture and the imprisonment of innocents. As President what can you do to correct these wrongs?

Senator Obama: As I have said from the beginning it was a mistake to go into Iraq for the reasons you cited. America has lost respect and does not have the creditability it had prior to the current administration. I intend to pull American forces out from Iraq as soon as we can. That's the first thing. What America has failed to do is seek justice. The current policy is more like a quest for vengeance, it is counter-productive. It has not made us safer.

We have to work with other nations instead of alienating them, we have common interests and we have to respect them and we have to learn how to work with other nations. We cannot be sloppy and cut corners. The Bush administration has been undermining the virtues of America that will I plan to lead America by.

TF: So you will stop the imprisonments?

Senator Obama: The Supreme Court has ruled that what the current administration is doing is illegal. It is a shameful chapter in American history when people are picked up in battle and imprisoned without access to legal representation. This has not happened before in American history. I intend to restore respect for the law and for human rights. That should always be the end-goal in all U.S. policy especially with foreign policy. We have to show our best, not our worst characteristics.

TF: Senator Obama, the people of Iran are understandably concerned that their nation may come under attack. What can be done between now and January to prevent another unnecessary conflict?

Senator Obama: We must continue to remind the current administration that war is not the solution here. Iran has not attacked us and Iran is not going to attack us. They have every right to develop nuclear power if that is their wish and removing American forces from Iraq would relieve tensions considerably.

We must not be afraid of diplomacy, not just with Iran but with Syria, the Saudis, Jordan, the United Nationals Security Council program members as well. Once it is clear that we’re not planning to stay in Iraq for 10, 20 years, all these nations will have an interest in working out how we can best stabilize the situation.

Anonymous said...

"Obama has promised to withdraw troops in about 16 months from taking office..." It's not 16 months, it's 7 year 2 months since the war started that Obama has promised to withdraw troops from Iraq. Isn't over 7 years and tons of billions of dollars enough time and money for the Iraq's to figure out it's up to themselves if they want a free Iraq?

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