Monday, June 2, 2008

Two More Superdelegates -- 44 to go

With the last contests of the primary tomorrow, two new superdelegates have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama today bringing the number needed to win the nomination to 44.

Virginia superdelegate Democratic National Committee Member Jerome Wiley Segovia
joined Barack saying:

While sharing the valuable international experience of spending a portion of my formative years overseas in a similar fashion as Senator Obama, I am excited to add my support to a campaign that has clearly demonstrated a commitment to an inclusive national field campaign, has shattered all previous campaign fundraising records, and is supportive of alternative sources of energy to begin to solve our energy crisis. I believe that with Senator Obama's leadership the DNC and all Democratic party groups and programs can continue building upon the amazing progress already begun by Governor Dean and his team.

Connecticut Democratic State Party Chairwoman and superdelegate Nancy DiNardo also endorsed Barack today.

Senator Barack Obama has helped to energize thousands upon thousands of Democrats in Connecticut and across the country. He has inspired the electorate and won their confidence by demonstrating sound judgment, strength of spirit, dedication to those in need, and belief in the transforming power of community. Although we are blessed to have two outstanding candidates for the Democratic nomination this year, Senator Obama was the choice of Connecticut Democrats on February 5th, and he is my choice to head the ticket in November.

As Chairwoman of the State Democratic Party, I believe not only is it important for me to reflect the sentiment of our Party, but I also have a responsibility to endorse the candidate who will help unite the many voices of our Party in its commitment to change and to building a secure future for generations to come. Senator Obama offers Connecticut and our country a chance for such unity – at healing the divisions caused by years of war, deficits, and partisan wrangling. He shares Connecticut’s and our nation’s concern for building strong communities and re-building our economy ravaged by Republican policies.

More fundamentally, Senator Obama understands the everyday struggles of Americans and is devoted to realizing the vision of a nation in which we and our families, friends and neighbors can earn a decent wage, secure affordable healthcare and housing, send our children to good schools, heat our homes, and breathe clean air. Senator Obama’s experience as a community activist and his record in Congress demonstrates his focus on these issues and his ability to effect change without becoming ensnared by and beholden to the political establishment.

Senator Obama has built his campaign on an appeal to the deep-seated goodness of America – the goodness that all Americans intuitively understand. I would encourage every citizen of Connecticut to take a close look at Senator Obama’s policies for our State and our great country, and to make the right choice and VOTE OBAMA in November!

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