Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama News On Sunday

People are voting in Puerto Rico today with 55 delegates at stake. Also today, a Nevada superdelegate endorsed Barack Obama.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has picked up the support of Nevada superdelegate Yvonne Gates, nudging him closer to the nomination.

The former Clark County Commissioner and member of the national party's Rules Committee told The Associated Press late Saturday that she had been impressed by the Illinois senator's campaign.

"I have been admiring, just from afar, looking at the way they run the campaign. I have been pretty impressed with this operation," she said. "I think he would make a great president."

The RNC ruled favorably toward the Obama position on Florida and Michigan yesterday. I suspect that after Tuesday, we should see many superdelegate holdouts coming out on one side or another. Since Obama will still hold the lead in pledged delegates, we should expect that he will get most of the endorsements.

Here is a video of Barack talking about small businesses in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

There are two more days until the last contests in Montana and South Dakota on Tuesday. Find out how you can help by clicking on the links below.

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