Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barack Obama to Clinch Nomination

The official Obama campaign has the number at 16 at its changing constantly. CNN gives the number of delegates Barack Obama needs to win the nomination at 20. Either way, with reliable sources reporting many more endorsements on the way before the day is over and victories expected in Montana and South Dakota, it looks likely that he will clinch the nomination today.

Among those expected to endorse Barack after the polls close tonight, is former president Jimmy Carter.

According to the official Obama tally, the pledged delegates gained tonight should do the job even without further endorsements.

Also a sign that Sen. Hillary Clinton might be ready to concede the race as she is reported to have said she is open to a VP slot.

Just the thought of Clinton on the ticket with Obama sends some supporters into orbit. However, there is no doubt that she has earned the right to be seriously considered based on the large numbers of delegates and supporters she has mustered. There is a great risk of a divided party if this is not handled right.

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Anonymous said...

NO NO NO. I will vote for McCain. I hope Hillary takes you to the mattress In November.

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