Saturday, May 31, 2008

Republicans: "Democrats Win Landslide Victory"

Steve Hildebrand of the Obama campaign sent out this email today.

Deadline: Midnight Tonight

You'll like this.

This morning someone forwarded me an email sent by the arm of the Republican Party that raises money for their Senate candidates.

The subject of the message was "Democrats Win Landslide Victory," and the writer, Republican former Senator Bill Frist, admits: "I have a real fear of waking up to this headline after the elections this fall."

He goes on to explain fears among Washington power brokers about Barack Obama's grassroots support and voter registration efforts.

He's right to be worried -- we're bringing new people into the process, and Obama supporters are organizing in communities across the country like never before.

You've gotten their attention by being one of the 1.5 million donors who have gotten us this far. But Frist was raising money ahead of tonight's financial reporting deadline -- the same deadline we face.

This is the last opportunity to have your donation counted for May, and the last chance to have a meaningful impact on the final three primary contests.

Will you step up again and make your donation of $25 count right now?

Here's a little bit more from Frist's email:

From: Senator Bill Frist, M.D.
Date: Thu, May 29, 2008 at 3:59 PM
Subject: "Democrats Win Landslide Victory"
Dear Republican Supporter,
I have a real fear of waking up to this headline after the elections this fall. [...]
In key states, news accounts indicate Democrats are outpacing Republicans registering voters. We also know Barack Obama's campaign is utilizing the Internet to raise record amounts of money to support his campaign and Democrats nationally ... all in the hope that new voters and record resources will produce a Democrat landslide victory this fall.
There's so much at risk, and conservatives I talk with from all across the country are feeling the rumblings of "what could be." [...]
[...] I ask for your immediate help in supporting Republican candidates running for U.S. Senate by making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or even $100 to the NRSC [...]

What's amazing about this message referencing Barack Obama is that it's not from the McCain campaign. It's not even about the presidential race.

It's about the forces of the status quo, who don't want to change the way Washington works, worried about the prospect of ordinary people taking their rightful place in a political process that is too often dominated by lobbyists and special interests.

They've seen the writing on the wall, and they know that when Barack is the nominee, we're going to continue building a movement for change to elect Barack Obama and bring about change from the bottom up at every level of office.

There are only a few hours left before tonight's reporting deadline, so please give whatever you can now:

Thank you,


Steve Hildebrand
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America



Lglenn3000 said...

Check out the Obama Boogie Woogie YouTube video my friends and I put together, in support of Obama at

Anonymous said...

im not good with computer but someone who is should make a video comparison of baghdad bob claiming the infidels were not in baghdad while soldiers were showering in the palace and hillary claiming she has more popular votes and that she will be the nominee

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