Monday, May 5, 2008

Obama News on Primary Eve

The Obama campaign has released a last second ad slamming negative campaigning and calling for real solutions instead.

And here's an ad airing in North Carolina hitting at Hillary's gas tax cut proposal.

Native American activist and superdelegate Kayln Free, a Choctaw Nation member, endorsed Barack Obama today. Barack has been garnering many more superdelegates recently as compared to Hillary Clinton whose early lead is diminishing.

Barack released this statement for today's Cinco de Mayo celebration.

"As Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, we’re reminded that while Mexico’s cultural traditions are an important part of who we are as Americans, the American dream is still out of reach for too many Latinos. Only eleven percent of Latinos obtain a college degree, which is why we need to make college affordable for all. Nearly a third of America’s uninsured are Latino, which is why we need to provide universal health care for every American. And our broken immigration system works for neither the immigrant families who are being torn apart nor the workers who are concerned about unfair competition, which is why we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform once and for all. So while I hope that all Americans are enjoying this Cinco de Mayo, I also hope that when the celebrations come to an end, we’ll take up the cause of coming together as Americans to solve our common challenges and put the American dream within reach for every family in this country."

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