Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Superdelegates for Obama: 156 to go

The number of delegates that Barack Obama needs to win the nomination shrunk to 156 after House Rep. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) and two Virgin Island superdelegates endorsed the Illinois senator today.

Carole Burke and Kevin Rodriquez of the Virgin Islands threw their support to Obama. Rodriguez said:

While I have great respect for Senator Clinton, today I am announcing my support for Barack Obama. Senator Obama has brought a new generation and energy into the democratic process and the Democratic Party. He has shown he can connect with Democrats, Republicans and Independents across this country, whether we live on the mainland or an island. Senator Obama’s judgment to lead, courage to tell the truth and commitment to working men and women make him the best candidate to lead this country forward.

Mitchell made this statement about his endorsement:

I’m proud to support Barack Obama for President. Senator Obama and I worked together last year to improve care for our soldiers and veterans in the wake of the scandal at Walter Reed, and I know that, as President, he will work hard for our men and women in uniform. Like the primary voters of my congressional district, which Senator Obama carried, I am inspired by Barack’s vision for America, his ability to unify our country and bring much-needed to change to Washington.

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