Thursday, May 1, 2008

John McCain's Farrakhan Connection

Well, it seems not only does Sen. Hillary Clinton have a top level supporter who praised Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrkhan in Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, but Sen. John McCain has Farrakhan links as well.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, who crossed party lines to endorse McCain, once was ready to meet with Farrakhan who he said that he 'respected.' The overture came during the 2000 election and after Farrakhan's highly successful Million Man March.

Here is an interview with NBC's Tim Russert in which Lieberman explains his views on Farrakhan.

In 1984, President Reagan feted Minister Farrakhan and Rev. Jesse Jackson in the Rose Garden at the White House after the Minister used his support in the Muslim world to win the release of Lt. Goodman when his plane was shot down in Syria. Incidentally, Rev. Jeremiah Wright accompanied both Jackson and Farrakhan on their trip to free the navy pilot.

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Pres. Ronald Reagan with Lt. Goodman and Jesse Jackson on Jan. 4, 1984.

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