Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Early indications look good

Early reports from the ground indicate Barack Obama should do well today. Turnout in North Carolina looks like it will be very high, an indication that should favor Obama.

Early voting in Indiana has been strong in counties where Barack's support is known to be strong. Although many polls had shown that the Illinois senator was trailing Hillary Clinton in Indiana, a lot rests on the final voter turnout.

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Photos from Barack Obama's breakfast stop in Greenwood, Indiana.

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Paul said...

How off will tonight's exit polling be?

The last few election cycles have conditioned us to mistrust exit polling. Now Obama adds another dimension. Polling leading up to contests, and exit polling after have tended to exaggerate Obama's share of the electorate. Wins for Hillary will exaggerate the momentum, late deciders, greater than expected margins, and the magnitude of the upsets. Penn. had MSNBC's crew waiting long after polls closed to call the election, siting a mistrust in the exit polling showing Obama doing much-much better than expected. In the end the numbers turned out dead wrong. So leading into today the realclearpolitics averages were:

North Carolina: Obama 50% Clinton 42% or Obama +8%
Indiana: Obama 44% Clinton 49% or Clinton +5%

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