Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Plouffe: The Facts

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent out this email today.

Last night, Senator Clinton used up her last, best chance to cut appreciably into Barack Obama's elected delegate lead.

She came up short.

In fact, she barely made a dent. At most, she picked up a net gain of 12 delegates -- less than our gain, for example, in Colorado (where we gained 17) or Kansas (where we gained 14). Her gain in Pennsylvania was less than half of our gain in Virginia, where we added to our lead by 25 delegates.

But there is one measure by which her campaign's gains are real.

The Clinton campaign claims they've raised $3.5 million dollars since the polls closed yesterday.

We can't afford to let that go unanswered.

Please make a donation of $25 today to support this campaign:

Grassroots support from people like you has the Democratic nomination in our sights.

Here's how it breaks out:

  • After Pennsylvania, we have a lead of at least 159 elected delegates earned through all of the primaries and caucuses so far. We have a total of at least 1493 pledged delegates.

  • Meanwhile, we've been rapidly gaining ground among the so-called superdelegates (elected leaders and party officials who get a vote to choose our nominee), cutting Senator Clinton's lead from more than 100 early this year to less than 25. We have a total of 238 publicly committed superdelegates.

  • The total number of delegates needed to secure the nomination is 2,024. That means we are only 293 delegates away from securing the nomination.
  • In less than two weeks, we'll square off in the key battleground states of North Carolina and Indiana, when there will be as many delegates at stake as there were last night in Pennsylvania.

    To grow our significant lead and close out this race, we must remain competitive in these contests and the 7 others that will follow.

    Barack needs your support right now to finish this contest:

    Pennsylvania was considered a state tailor-made for Senator Clinton -- she was always expected to win, and we trailed by as much as 25 points in the weeks leading up to the election.

    But thanks to people like you, Barack gained support among key voters in the face of long odds and unrelenting negativity from Senator Clinton, and kept the margin close enough that her delegate gain was insignificant.

    Indeed, the only surprising result from Pennsylvania is how much Barack was able to improve his standing among key voter groups since the Ohio primary.

    Among white voters, Obama narrowed the gap by 6 points. Among voters over 60, he nearly cut the gap in half, from 41 points to 24 points. Meanwhile, we continued to run strong where we have all along -- for example, winning voters ages 18-24 with over 65% of the vote.

    Barack campaigned hard in Pennsylvania. He talked about his plans to stand up to the special interests and bring people together so that we can change Washington to turn our economy around, make sure that every American has quality health care, and bring this misguided war to an end.

    Your donation of $25 can make sure we grow our lead and finish this race in the final 9 contests:

    Thank you,


    David Plouffe
    Campaign Manager
    Obama for America


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    Sonya said...

    Please lets get the word out that voters for Obama will be in Denver during the convention if the nomination is not given to the candidtae with the most elected delegates, most votes, most states.

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