Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oregon Latino Coalition endorses Barack Obama

A coalition of Oregon Latino group led by the state's largest farmworker union announced its endorsement of Barack Obama.

Latinos make up about eight percent of Oregon's population and tend to vote Democrat. Oregon votes on May 20 and April 29 is the last day to register before the presidential primary.

Coaltion of Oregon Latino groups endorse Barack Obama for president

April 23, 2008

Key Latino groups in Oregon today announced their endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Ramon Ramirez, the president of PCUN, the state’s largest farmworker union, made the announcement.

Ramirez and the groups cite the Illinois senator’s commitment to improving the lives of farmworkers and Latino families in Oregon and across the nation as the reason they chose to endorse him.

— Thelma Guerrero-Huston

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