Monday, April 28, 2008

Barack Obama: The Battle for Oregon

Sen. Barack Obama sent out this email today.

Given that it's calling for supporters to come canvass in Oregon, it must be focused on neighboring states like California where I live.

One member of Sacramento for Obama has pledged to drive his van every weekend from Sacramento to Oregon for volunteers until election day.

Friend --

Take a trip to Oregon I wanted to take a moment to let you know where we stand in Oregon, one of the biggest remaining battleground states.

As I've traveled across Oregon, I've spoken to veterans, students, and hard-working families about the challenges middle-class America is facing -- and about how we're going to start solving them.

I see the excitement on the ground, and I truly believe Oregon is ready to stand up for a different kind of politics. But only if people like you get involved and take ownership of this effort.

In the coming days, supporters from nearby states will be coming to Oregon to knock on doors, make phone calls, and reach out to as many voters as possible before the primary -- and they need your help.

I know this is a big decision. But what's brought our campaign where we are today is that so many people -- including many who never thought they'd get involved in politics in their lifetime -- have taken that leap to help us succeed.

We need to build our movement in Oregon, so I hope you'll sign up to take the trip this weekend:

People are paying attention to what's happening in Oregon.

They know how far we've traveled together, but they want to know whether we can close this race, secure the nomination, and finally bring about the change our country so desperately needs.

We can bring jobs back to communities across America, reduce the price of gas, and put an end to the war in Iraq -- but we need to finish strongly in Oregon.

We have just three weeks.

I hope you'll join us.



Check out this Flickr slideshow of Barack's visit to Indianapolis over the weekend.

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