Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack Obama: 36 Hours and Counting

Sen. Barack Obama sent out this email today.

Paul --

Last chance in April Tomorrow's financial reporting deadline is one of the most important of this election, and I need your help to make sure we're ready for North Carolina, Indiana, and the road ahead.

You may have heard that Senator Clinton is intensifying her fundraising efforts in an all-out bid to win in the next two states.

We'll need unprecedented resources to stay competitive in these contests -- but we're not just looking toward the next primary. We're also preparing for the general election race against Senator McCain and building a grassroots campaign in all 50 states.

The next two days are a crucial time to build momentum for the remaining contests and the general election.

As a donor to this campaign, you're responsible for getting us this far. But right now we need to show our strength before Wednesday's fundraising deadline.

If you make a contribution before midnight tomorrow, a fellow supporter -- someone who has already donated in April -- has promised to give again and double your impact.

Make a donation of $25 at this important time, and you can even choose to exchange a note with the supporter who is matching your gift:


In every corner of the country, we're already organizing communities, helping register voters, and bringing people back into the political process.

And unlike Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, we are building our movement without taking any money from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs.

Instead, we put our trust in ordinary people like you. And nearly 1,500,000 supporters have stepped up to own a piece of this campaign.

Right now, your support is crucial to our efforts in North Carolina and Indiana, where we could close out this race in the coming week.

Make a matching donation of $25 now and double your impact:


Thank you for your support,



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