Friday, February 22, 2008

¡Viva Obama!

The grassroots site has produced this engaging video featuring Mariachi Aguilas de Mexico.

The campaign is also running the following ad "Como Padre" in Texas.


Anonymous said...

Good video that exposes Hillary's hypocrisy:

Pam Griffin said...

after visiting with Hillary's campaign headquarter people, one in particular, an elderly woman who has worked in Washington and been on many campaigns for the democrats..stated from seeing firsthand that the Clinton's supported Ted Kennedy a LOT with all his issues..alchol abuse being one over the years. Obama CALLED the Clintons for help in becoming a senator and they reached out to him and did indeed help him. It can be PROVEN Hillary thought of every single campaign issue FIRST and Obama has COPIED her all along the way, clinging onto the Clinton's experience, knowledge, wisdom, creative genius and even their being so well known. Without their help he would not have had foot in the door at all. Now this is how he and Ted say thank you. They have shown their faces as someone like the Bush People, sneaky and underhanded. This last thing about Obama saying lies about Hillary's healthcare agenda. I would say obviously either he is too ignorant to understand it (then he would know the truth) OR he is an out and out liar. The man knows he cannot win without such snake in the grass type lies. I do not want this kind of person to be our president. We have had enough of that already with Bush and we have had enough of inexperience in the white house. Obama is NOT Martin Luther King. He does not have the beauty, the passion, the love in his heart. I see his energy as a boring, accountant and he will hurt our country sooo much when we need a strong person like Hillary (and her husband!) to make this country strong again. do not listen to pretty words that mean nothing if they cannot be backed up by actions. Hillary knows how to do it all and she will. Obama would depend on thousands and they would use him and abuse him and delay him and it would set us back yet again. be very afraid of him.

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