Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama heads to Mar. 4 with Big Mo

Sen. Barack Obama racked up 10 straight wins with convincing victories last night in Wisconsin and Hawai'i.

The winning streak definitely gives Obama momentum going into the big state contest of Mar. 4 when Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont go to the polls. Many undecided voters may tip toward Barack because of his wins in other states.

Still Hillary Clinton has strong establishment ties particularly in Texas, and the Obama campaign is mounting a full-blown ground operation to contest these states.

Videos of Barack's victory speech last night in Houston.


--An Obama Junkie-- said...

I am really pleased Obama won Wisconsin and Hawaii...great blog. Please check mine out:


Anonymous said...

Hillary along with Bill loves Latino's. Who else would send Elian Gonzalez back to Cuba after his mother gave up her life for his freedom?

Josh said...

This is a good blog. I am so happy obama won wisconsin and hawaii. with a strong showing in texas this thing could be over sooner than expected. I have a website i just created with my friends, and theres some good stuff about obama and more to follow, check it out and comment, let us know how you feel, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Obama sounded more like a televangelist than a candidate during his 45-minute speech in Houston. He talks about 'change' as it relates to many different problems, yet he never says what he'll 'change' to solve them. Just sounds kind of empty to me. Good public speaking is one thing, but being the President of the United States is something totally different.

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