Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comedian George Lopez endorses Barack Obama

The Austin American Statesman reports that Hispanic comedian George Lopez supports Barack Obama's candidacy.

George Lopez Plays the Spin Room

Among the interview subjects drawing some of the biggest media crowds in the spin room following Thursday night’s debate was comedian George Lopez.

Looking dapper in a dark pinstriped suit, Lopez was all business — mostly — as he mused on the race for the Democratic nomination and his support for Sen. Obama.

“I think there’s a hopelessness in America and (Obama) seems to be speaking to that,” Lopez said.

Latinos, said Lopez, must become political “because we’re under assault. We’re like rolled up in a ball and we shouldn’t be that way.”

Lopez said he had decided to support Obama after much consideration and that he believes he can be a great leader.

“You’d like to feel like the White House is your house. It belongs to the people,” Lopez said. After pausing and grinning ever so slightly, he added “Brown people too.”

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