Sunday, October 21, 2007

South Carolina for Barack Obama Beauty & Barber Shop Program

The Obama campaign has launched a creative grassroots effort in South Carolina called the Beauty and Barbershops

South Carolina for Barack Obama Beauty & Barber Shop Program

When Barack Obama first came to Chicago, he didn’t know a soul. One of the first places he found a sense of community was in a small barber shop on Chicago’s South Side, and he’s been going there ever since. Recently he found a similar sense of community when he visited Emerson’s barbershop in Marion, SC.

Beauty and Barbershops are where communities come together and they’re where we know Barack’s message of hope and change can really grow.

But to make that happen, to get the conversation going about Barack in your local beauty and barbershops, we need your help. has a new feature know as My Neighborhood that allows users to bring up bloggers, events, people, groups, etc. in their own local area.

We should look for pages on focused on other groups like seniors, Asian Pacific Islanders, etc. fairly soon, I would hope.

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