Sunday, March 4, 2007

Selma Speech

Read the full transcript of Barack Obama's speech in Selma, Alabama.

"Keep in your heart the prayer of that journey, the prayer that God gave to Joshua. Be strong and have courage in the face of injustice. Be strong and have courage in the face of prejudice and hatred, in the face of joblessness and helplessness and hopelessness. Be strong and have courage, brothers and sisters, those who are gathered here today, in the face of our doubts and fears, in the face of skepticism, in the face of cynicism, in the face of a mighty river. Be strong and have courage and let us cross over that Promised Land together."


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Anonymous said...

In his speech in Selma, Obama said that he was a product of the march in Selma that his parents were involved in. Doesn't he know that his birthday is 5 years prior to that march in Selma. WOW!? Maybe someone should bring that to his attention.

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