Monday, March 12, 2007

Barack makes big splash in NYC

Presidential candidate Barack Obama landed in Hillary Clinton country and hit the jackpot in New York City, his new El Dorado, where stars, students and other Obama fans opened up their pocketbooks.

Many donors for sure are playing it safe and supporting both hometown girl Hillary and Obama at the same time. But the Illinois senator was still able to leave the city with an estimated cool million in cash.

And interesting comment from conservative publisher Joe McQuaid of the influential Union Leader in New Hampshire about who's leading among Democrats in that state:

"Q: Who’s leading the Democrats right now in the polls in New Hampshire?
A: I don’t keep track of polls. I think it’s a crock. My editors and some of the reporters love them and keep putting them in the paper. I keep telling them, “Don’t play 'em up because right now it’s still a name-recognition thing.” If I had to guess who’s leading in the New Hampshire polls among the Democrats, I would guess Barack Obama would be on top."

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