Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Buying name recognition

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney started buying tv ads last week some 11 months before the primary election begins.

He's trying to buy name recognition to boast his ratings in the polls and make him look more viable as a candidate. Romney is well-funded. He made $6.5 million in one night in January. However, the most recent Zogby poll didn't indicate much movement in Romney's popularity. He still ranks far behind Giuliani and McCain.

Some experts think it will take between $10 to $20 million to get Romney on a level field with the leaders but how long will it last?

Even with very good funding, its probably better to rely on free media coverage this early in the race.

You could think of the campaign at this stage as similar to training and preseason games in professional sports. The regular season would begin about two months before the election. The playoffs about two weeks before the elections, and the league championships a week prior.

Game time comes those last three or four days including election day.


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