Sunday, September 16, 2007

Obama does well with military, environmentalists

A report by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics shows that Barack Obama leads all other presidential candidates in donations from people in the military. Ron Paul, another candidate who like Obama opposes the Iraq War, was in second place.

Good news also comes to the Obama campaign from the League of Conservation Voters that rates Barack highest on environmental issues among all the presidential candidates. Obama had a 96 rating compared to Dennis Kucinich who came in second with a 92 rating.

Iowa endorsements

The Lawmaker Endorsement War is heating up in Iowa as Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Barack of Illinois threw kerosene on to the fire by announcing the endorsement of four Iowa lawmakers. Iowa State Senators Rich Olive of Story City, Frank Wood of Eldridge, Representative Helen Miller of Fort Dodge and Representative Janet Peterson of Des Moines endorsed Obama for president today.

Barack Obama discusses George W. Bush's 9-13 address on the Iraq War with CNN's Larry King.

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